Lee Family Foundation Scholarship Awards Announced

We are thrilled to announce the two inaugural Scholars whose work will be funded by the Lee Family Foundation: Dr. Vinit Baliyan and Dr. Thomas Ng.

Dr. Baliyan’s project is entitled “Potential of Multi-Energy, Photon-Counting Detector Computed Tomography (PCD-CT) to Characterize Atherosclerotic Plaque: Assessment of Human Atherosclerotic Plaque and Comparison with Histopathology,” and will include detailed studies using the portable PCT device brought to the department by Dr. Raj Gupta. With the imminent arrival of the latest whole-body PCT device to the department, this work will lay the groundwork for advancing our ability to bring detailed plaque analysis to complement the high spatial resolution vascular mapping of this advanced technology, with important implications for understanding disease progression and treatment decision making.

Dr. Ng’s project is “Single-cell analysis of radio-theranostic tumoral kinetics / dynamics in prostate cancer with multiscale imaging.” He will bring a detailed multi-modality approach to understanding one of most exciting new treatment modalities offered in the department: radionuclide theranostics. With a focus on PSMA-617, he will explore the effects of these agents on both the tumor and the surrounding host cells and map the effects of both beta and alpha particle treatments on the tumor microenvironment. These foundational studies will build a mechanistic framework for understanding when and how best to use these and future agents.

The department is tremendously grateful to the Lee family for their generosity in establishing this fellowship opportunity for young faculty to advance their careers in science and medicine.